Turbo Boost01

Turbo Boost in season 1 and 2

K.I.T.T. and K.A.R.R. were both equipped with a Turbo Boost capability. The system consisted of a series of rear mounted undercarriage rocket motors, which allowed the car to accelerate to speeds in excess of 200 mph. The rockets could fire both forwards and backwards as needed.

The system had two secondary uses:

  1. It could be used to provide power for pushing or pulling heavy objects when necessary.
  2. When used in combination with the Trajectory Guidance System and a pair of front-mounted rocket motors, the car could "jump" 40 feet into the air to avoid obstacles.

The Turbo Boost capability was used in most episodes of the Original Series. KITT also has a Reverse Turbo Boost button that was never used.

In the Original Series Turbo Boost was activated by a button and/or by KITT itself, while in the 2008 series, Turbo Boost is activated using voice command.

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