Knight Rider
Knight Rider Character
Stephanie Mason
Stevie mason.PNG
Actor Catherine Hickland
Real Name Stephanie "Stevie" Knight (neé. Mason)
Alias(es) Stephanie March
Birth Date
Death Date 1986
Affiliations Knight Industries
Related Characters Michael Knight
Partners Michael Knight

Stephanie Knight (neé. Mason) was a character in Knight Rider. Stevie was the fiancée Michael Long before his "death".


One day, while carrying a suitcase for her boss, Stephanie was arrested for her supposed involvement in a money laundering scheme. The Justice Department has given Stephanie the option of turning in her boss Gilbert Cole, or face conspiracy charges. She refused, still believing him to be innocent.

Michael learned of her predicament and seeks to help her. Unfortunately, he was engaged to her when he was Michael Long and Stephanie thinks he is dead. The situation intensifies when Cole sent thugs to eliminate her before she can testify before a grand jury. Meanwhile, as she spends more time with Michael. She can't help but find him familiar in some way. She gets very close to discovering Michael's secret identity several times before he finally catches the men after her.

She met Michael again, now as a singer of the rock band "Class Action", by the name of Stevie March. With her identity changed, Stevie joined the band and to start over. Michael infiltrated the group by becoming their new lead singer. Michael and Stevie worked together to put a stop to the scheming of the group's manager (Paul Block) and producer (Barbara Bellingham).

Sometime later, Michael is attacked and thinks about quitting the Foundation, so Devon calls in Stevie to help. She agrees, and she and Michael spend catch up. Unfortunately, she can't convince him to stay with the Foundation. Instead, he convinces her to marry him, and she agrees. Sadly, at almost the exact moment the pair were proclaimed husband and wife, an assassin breaks in and tries to attack Michael; but Stevie jumps in front of her newly-married husband and is shot. Stevie dies before an ambulance can arrive.


Much like Michael, Stevie is besotted in Michael, telling him in Episode 220: Let it Be Me, he is the only one for her, as she wakes up thinking of him and going to bed thinking of him.



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  • David Hasslehoff and Catherine Hickland were married in real life after the filming of "White Bird." They were dating long before Knight Rider. They later divorced in the year 1989. Ironically, She left David to marry Michael G. Knight.