Knight Rider
Ripd Tide S02E19 - The Twisted Cross - 01.jpg

Riptide - The Twisted Cross S02E19 - March 12, 1985 - 48 minutes


While helping a woman get access to her son, the Riptide Detective agency comes face to face with Neo-Nazis spreading hate and planning an explosive terrorist attack. They guys send Dooley in to infiltrate the Nazi Youth and puts him in danger. A young Jere Burns plays the Nazi leader.

In the opening scene, a cat watches as Nazis bomb a building in the rainy night.


  • Joe Penny as Nick Ryder
  • Perry King as Cody Allen
  • Thom Bray as Murray 'Boz' Bozinsky
  • Ken Olandt as Kirk Dooley
  • Jack Ging as Lt. Ted Quinlan
  • Jere Burns as Kefler
  • Robert Gray as Kyle Jennings
  • Randy Norton as Chad Jennings
  • Katherine Cannon as Sally Jennings
  • Millie Slavin as Principal Goldstein
  • Corkey Ford as Kevin
  • Eugene Williams as Darrell


  • Directed by Robert Sallin
  • Teleplay by Tom Blomquist
  • Story by James Andronica