Knight Rider
Riptide - It's a Vial Sort of Business - Burger 01.jpg

Riptide - It's a Vial Sort of Business S02E08 - Dec 4, 1984 - 48 minutes


The guys are hired by a couple who are concerned that their son who was going to college dropped out and went to work in a fast food restaurant. They eventually find him and some men shoot at them. They wonder why. But they later learn it has nothing to do with the case but with Dooley.


  • Joe Penny as Nick Ryder
  • Perry King as Cody Allen
  • Thom Bray as Murray 'Boz' Bozinsky
  • Ken Olandt as Kirk Dooley
  • Clarence Gilyard Jr. as William Collins
  • Jason Bernard as Mr. Collins
  • Kim Hamilton as Mrs. Collins
  • Alan Fudge as McMurty
  • Joe Dorsey as Dr. Clemson
  • Vince McKewin as Gangster #1
  • Fil Formicola as Gangster #2
  • Ken Wright as Gangster #3