Knight Rider Character
Reginald Cornelius III
Actor Peter Parros
Real Name Reginald Cornelius III
Birth Date
Death Date
Affiliations Knight Industries
Position Knight Industries Engineer
Related Characters Michael Knight

Reginald Cornelius III, RC3 or simply RC as he liked to be known as, is a character from Knight Rider.


RC3 was born and raised in Chicago, IL. At one point, RC decided to start taking up arms and help clean up the city of the thugs and there crimes. He borrowed his brother's Army-issued assault rifle and shot at a few gangs. He eventually made a rubber copy of it and just went around the streets with it, making gangs and thugs think he was carrying a real assault rifle. He took the name Street Avenger in his crusade to clean up the back streets of Chicago.

One day in 1985, RC was chasing after some bank robbers and caught the attention of Michael Knight and K.I.T.T., and the crime-fighting duo assisted him. RC also scared off two car robbers that were going to (attempt) to break in and steal K.I.T.T.

Bonnie enlisted RC to help rebuild K.I.T.T. after his run in with the Juggernaut. RC offers Bonnie the use of his father's, RC2's, garage and his friends, who are all very apt mechanics and body workers. All together, they rebuild K.I.T.T., albeit without his Molecularly Bonded Shell, in less than 24 hours. However, unbeknownst to Bonnie, Michael or K.I.T.T. at the time, RC builds a new feature into K.I.T.T.: a convertible mode. RC eventually tells Bonnie, but leaves Michael guessing until after all the events in Chicago are settled.

After everything is settled with the Foundation in Chicago, Devon offers RC a job with the Foundation because of his resourcefulness and his desire to do help the innocent in the world. RC becomes the driver of the Semi, and an assistant to both Bonnie as a mechanic and to Michael as a sidekick of sorts.

RC served as Michael's best man when he married Stevie, and is one of the first to go after her killers.


RC3 was a playful individual and became good friends with Michael, Devon, Bonnie and KITT although his jokes sometimes were not taken well by KITT or Devon. RC3 has an overarching storyline of fixing a motorbike throughout the season, much to Devon displeasure due to the fact its rusted and quite possibly dangerous however in Episode 421: Voo Doo Knight the bike is destroyed, which Devon thoroughly enjoys.


Street Fighter


RC3 has a lot of friends from the street, seen in Episode 401: Knight of the Juggernaut whom help Bonnie fix and upgrade KITT. His fathers name is RC2.


  • RC3 only appeared in and was a main character in the fourth season of the series.