Knight Rider
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Lieutenant Michael Arthur Long
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Actor Larry Anderson
Character Michael Arthur Long
Related Characters See: Michael Knight/Stephanie Mason
Partners Muntzy

Lieutenant Michael Arthur Long was the original identity of Michael Knight.



Born January 9, 1949 outside of Los Angeles, California, raised by a blue-collar working family.

In 1969, at the age of 20, Long joined the Army, was part of the Green Berets, and spent three years in counter-intelligence work in Vietnam. Captured once when snooping around, he fought his way out of a POW camp, incurring an injury which required brain surgery, and a metal plate that was inserted into his skull.

After those years in Vietnam as an intelligence officer, Michael was discharged from the service, and arrived back in Los Angeles in January 1972. Later that same year he joined the Los Angeles Police Department, starting as a patrolman, where he had a lot of partners, before he met his partner Muntzy. Michael was subsequently promoted to Detective Sergeant, and finally to Detective Lieutenant with the 11th precinct of the L.A.P.D. and his badge number was 4262. He used to reside at 1834 Shoreborne Ave Wilmington, California, which was a house boat, and the zip code was 90744.

After 10 years on the force, in the night of August 8, 1982, In Knight Rider Episode 101: Knight of the Phoenix, he is on special assignment from the LAPD to protect Tanya Walker and her employer Charles Action. While working undercover as a Security Guard for Consolidated Chemical Corporation in Las Vegas, Nevada for six months, his long-time partner, Muntzy while working undercover as a maintenance man, was killed by Security Guard Gray under the orders of Wilson.

He is betrayed by Tanya, shot in the face, and left for dead in the desert. Unbenkownst to her, he has a metal plate in his head from an injury in the Vietnam War, and he survives. Multi-billionaire Wilton Knight rescues him . He is declared dead to the public, and the Foundation for Law and Government gives him a new face, identity and life as Michael Knight.




  • Sometime before his death, Michael became engaged to a miss Stevie Mason.


  • Due to having all his lines dubbed over by David Hasselhoff. Larry Anderson is never actually heard speaking for the entire time he's seen on screen.