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Kyle Stewart
Actor Brixton Karnes
Character Kyle Stewart
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Kyle Stewart is a member and the leader of Team Knight Rider.


A former CIA agent, Kyle spent the better part of his life working for the CIA. He was successful, becoming the best agent America had ever seen. All that changed, though, when Kyle's cover was mysteriously blown and he was finished with the CIA for good.

On Kyle's last CIA mission, he was severely wounded and left for dead.


Kyle is an excellent leader who is strong in his command and treats his team with respect. He is in tune with the different abilities and capabilities of of his team and is not afraid to use them. His extensive CIA training have made Kyle a formidable crime-fighter.

Kyle also cares greatly for his team, including the vehicular members, and is always looking out for their welfare.

Kyle and teammate Jenny Andrews seem to have a mutual romantic interest in each other, but do not pursue a relationship during the series.