Knight Rider

Knight Industries

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is the company created by Wilton Knight, a billionaire and philanthropist. Knight Industries has a few subdivisions including Knight Research and Development and The Foundation for Law and Government. It is the company that built both K.I.T.T.s; the Knight Industries Two Thousand and Knight Industries Three Thousand.


Knight Automated Roving Robot

FLAG (Foundation For Law And Government)

Satellite Surveillance Program

Freelance Police Program

In the alternate time line and future of the Knight Rider 2000 TV movie, the central headquarters for FLAG was moved to Seattle, Washington, and was dealing in contracts with the city to develop a Freelance Police Department. The Freelance Department would have consisted of a fleet of super cars, similar to the Knight 2000) that would assist in combatting crime and creating a safer city. The prototype vehicle for the fleet was the Knight 4000, the next iteration of Knight Industries line of artificially intelligent, micro processing super cars.

Knight Research & Development

Foundation for Law and Government

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The Foundation for Law and Government (FLAG) was the philanthropy that Wilton Knight founded. The primary purpose of FLAG was to protect innocent, hard working, average citizens and organizations from corrupt people, organizations and criminals who operate above the law.