Knight Rider
Knight Rider Character
Kevin "Trek" Sanders
Actor Nick Wechsler
Character Kevin Sanders
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Partners Plato

Kevin Sanders is a member of Team Knight Rider. Jevin is the driver of Plato.


Trek is a geeky technical genius. His nickname was given to him by his parents, who are huge Star Trek fans.

Trek graduated from MIT at age 10 and has since created many companies and earned many millions of dollars, most of which he has squandered.

Trek has few if any real issues from his past. Trek is always on the lookout for people abusing technology. Trek has always been a complete wimp when it came to physical combat, most likely since he was so nurtured and protected when he was young.


Trek has a very bizarre and unconventional way of handling each situation that arises and is constantly impressing his teammates with his amazing intellect and computer skills. His teammates often rely on him to perform certain functions during missions, and he possesses capabilities that none of the others can hope to ever have. He is treated as the geeky little brother by the rest of the team, but they also have a strong affection for him.