Knight Rider
Knight Rider Character
Actor Carmen Argenziano (4000 A.I.)
William Daniels (2000 A.I.)
Real Name Knight Industries Four Thousand Micro Processor
Alias(es) The Knight 4000
Knight 4000
The 4000
Birth Date 2000
Death Date 2008? (KITT Was possibly reinstalled into his old shell)
Age 19
Affiliations Knight Industries
Foundation for Law and Government
Position Field Unit
Related Characters Russell Maddock
Knight Industries 2000
Partners Shawn McCormick
Michael Knight

The Knight Industries 4000, or K.I.F.T. was the new FLAG vehicle in Knight Rider 2000. It resembles a Pontiac Banshee and Dodge Stealth for the Knight Industries 4000. This was supposed to be KITT's replacement but Michael Knight replaced the AI with the old one, allowing the original KITT to be reborn as the Knight 4000. KIFT's designer was Russell Maddock.



K.I.F.T. driving on water

KITT's original microprocessor unit was transferred into the body of the vehicle intended to be his successor, the "Knight 4000". The vehicle had numerous 21st Century technological improvements over the previous 1980s version of KITT. Due to Maddocks approach to cut costs, KITT noted some of the features installed just do not work.


Virtual Reality Heads-up Display 
Rather than dash-mounted CRT displays, the Knight 4000 uses a virtual reality heads-up display (VR-HUD) that makes use of the entire windshield as video monitor.
Thermal Expander 
The Knight 4000 was equipped with an offensive weapon which consisted of a microwave projector that caused the temperatures of targeted objects to quickly rise and either ignite or explode.
Remote Target Assist 
This allows the pilot aim and fire with a complete and perfect accuracy.
Amphibious Mode 
The Knight 4000 can float and maneuver on water much like a boat. The system was actually a major improvement over KITT's original hydroplane ability which during the original series was prone to malfunctions during its experimental phase.
Microwave Stunner 
Similar to the “non-lethal” sidearms used by the police, the Knight 4000 was equipped with a microwave stunner that could incapacitate criminals.
Voice Activated Controls 
The Knight 4000's dashboard is less "cluttered looking" than KITT's original dash with most of the controls now being completely voice activated rather than having to push a button.
Fax Machine 
The Knight 4000 could print out faxed messages from a dash mounted printer.
Infrared Scanner 
The Infrared Scanner was a device with which the Knight 4000 could scan on an Infrared level, which would identify laser scope rifles as well as hidden objects giving off heat.
Aroma Monitor 
This system is similar to the Knight 2000's Olfactory Scan, but is much more complex.
Voice Sampler 
Similar to the Knight 2000's Anharmonic Synthesizer, this device could simulate any voice which has been recorded into the Knight 4000's memory.
Thermal Sensor 
This system allows to the Knight 4000 watch and record what is happening in a particular place. For example, inside a vehicle.


K.I.F.T.s Center dash console with the voicebox monitor and a few buttons

K.I.F.T.s scanner