Knight Rider
Knight Rider Character
Jennifer Traceur
Actor Susan Gibney
Related Characters Mike Traceur
Michael Knight

Jennifer Traceur was the mother of Mike Traceur and former lover of Michael Knight.


Sometime during the original series, Jennifer meets Michael Knight. They become lovers and Jennifer becomes pregnant with their son, Mike Traceur. Fearing that his enemies will use her and his son against him, Michael sends Jennifer away. Because of this, Michael does not see Jennifer again or sees his son grow up.

Knight Rider movie

In the 2008 movie, Charles Graiman seeks Jennifer's help to contact Mike Traceur and his daughter Sarah. At first she cannot believe that Charles built another K.I.T.T. and that her son has become the driver. After meeting up with Mike and Sarah at a motel she reveals to Mike their past, including who his real father is. At the motel, the group is ambushed by a group of mercenaries and she is shot and killed.

Later on at her funeral, Mike finally meets his long lost father Michael Knight. Michael informs Mike that Jennifer loved him since the day he was born. The two make amends and part ways.