Knight Rider


Goliath is the name of the armored semi built and driven by Garthe Knight, criminal son to Knight Foundation founder, Wilton Knight. Goliath was featured in two episodes of the Original Knight Rider Series.

Origin and background

Goliath charges K.I.T.T.

After a trail of bribes by Elizabeth Knight (widow to Wilton Knight and mother to Garthe), Garthe was pardoned from three consecutive life sentences in a third-world African country. Upon his release, he and his mother designed and built Goliath to aid African general Tsombe Kuna in acquiring missiles from a top-secret military installation.

Goliath is essentially an armored cab-over engine tractor-trailer armed with 4 missile pods (capable of firing 20 missiles in total) mounted over the cab, sleeping gas projectors hidden in the front bumper, and a razor-sharp grill guard capable of smashing virtually anything in its path. Despite being a very powerful weapon, Goliath needed one thing to be unstoppable: the Molecular Bonded Shell plating used on K.I.T.T. and K.A.R.R.. Elizabeth Knight acquired the formula from 2 of the 3 men who shared its secret, Devon Miles being one of them. Once the 3 parts of the formula were combined, Goliath's cab and trailer were coated with the formula, making the entire 18-wheeler nearly invulnerable to convential weaponry.

Unfortunately for Elizabeth and Garthe, Goliath's weakness was that the bolt that stabilized his trailer hitch wasn't coated. As a result, KITT handed Garthe and Goliath their first defeat by using a powerful laser on the bolt, separating Goliath from his trailer (as well as the payload of missiles and African revolutionaries hidden within it). Another laser was used on the missile pods to destroy the cab.