Knight Rider
Episode 417: Hills of Fire
Air Date February 14, 1986
Written by Jackson Gillis
Director Bob Bralver
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Episode 416: Knight of a Thousand Devils
Episode 418: Knight Flight to Freedom

Guest Cast

Zohra Lampert as Tess Hubbard

David Raynr as Darryl

Nana Visitor as Sandra Rusk

Vernon Wells as Wilson

Tom Simcox as Deputy Clark

Daniel Zacapa as Manuel Gomez (as Garret Pearson)


Michael and KITT investigate a string of arson fires in a national park, but the arsonist evades capture with an ATV to flee over terrain KITT cannot drive over. Bonnie also creates a special Satellite Infiltration Drone, also known as SID, that can become any object when spying on the enemy.