Knight Rider
Knight Rider
Episode 411: The Scent of Roses
Air Date January 3, 1986
Written by E. Nick Alexander
Director Sidney Hayers
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Episode 410: Knight Song
Episode 412: Killer K.I.T.T.

This episode shows a rare death of one of the central characters.

Guest Cast

Aharon Ipalé as Durant / Kurt Rolands (as Aharon Ipale)

Reid Smith as Stocker

Catherine Hickland as Stevie Mason

Robert Feero as Martoni

Richard Partlow as Klus

Roy Jenson as Purdue


Michael's wedding and a near-fatal encounter with a criminal mastermind has Michael thinking about early retirement, and he considers quitting the Foundation.

As Michael lies in a hospital bed after almost getting killed, he tells KITT that he isn't sure he wants to resume working for the Foundation. As he and KITT talk, a man walks into Michael's room and tries to finish him off. Michael, with help from KITT manages to stop him. Unfortunately Michael is now dead-set on leaving. Devon, worried about Michael's well-being calls in Stevie to help give Michael a reason for living.

Michael tries to say goodbye to KITT, but even after Michael's goodbye he refuses to leave Michael's side. Michael and Stevie then spend their time enjoying themselves on the beach, in the end, Michael asks Stevie to marry him and she accepts.

Everything goes well during their wedding day, until more assassins crash the ceremony and Stevie is killed in the crossfire. Michael and KITT go after the men, and they manage to find them and their boss. Michael nearly beats the man to death until KITT begs him to stop.

The episode ends with Michael at the beach, allowing himself to dwell on his thoughts of his love for Stevie once more, with KITT staying close by as always. He then walks over to KITT, who hopefully questions where they'd be going now. Michael tells him they're going home, to family, and to the Foundation.


  • This episode was originally supposed to be the canonical series finale; it was later decided that it was too dark and switched it with Episode 421: Voo Doo Knight.