Knight Rider
Episode 410: Knight Song
Air Date December 13, 1985
Written by Burton Armus
Director Georg Fenady
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Guest Cast

Mark Venturini as Keith Lawson

Shelley Berman as Josh Bevin

Paul Carafotes as Velez

Sharon Acker as A.G. Sanford

Ricky Bell as The Kids (as New Edition)

Michael Lamont Bivins as The Kids (as New Edition)

Ronnie DeVoe as The Kids (as New Edition)

Tom Sullivan as Charley Connors


RC3 helps a friend who is involved in a real estate plan that could help revitalize RC3's old neighborhood. A rival developer, however, has other plans to keep the area a drug-infested slum.


  • The music group called New Edition guest spotted in this episode, they were the group of young people singing along to the music KITT provided for them.
  • We find out in this episode that KITT has no talent for singing.