Knight Rider
Episode 406: Knight Sting
Air Date November 8, 1985
Written by Herman Miller
Director Sidney Hayers
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Guest Cast

Walter Gotell as Simon Carascas

Kabir Bedi as Vascone

Pepe Serna as Lupo

Beth Miller as Gaye Hollenbeck

Larry Storch as Pascal

Tom Rosqui as August Hollenbeck


Bonnie poses as a jetsetter in order to infiltrate a foreign embassy planning to smuggle a canister of deadly bacteria out of the country. KITT even goes undercover as a rare foreign car.


  • The scene of the gas being tested on a monkey at the episode's beginning was taken from the Airwolf episode, "Proof Through the Night".
  • After KITT melts off his plastic disguise shell, Michael knocks a bad guy into the residue and comments, "You've just been slimed," a reference to the movie Ghostbusters.