Knight Rider
Episode 405: The Wrong Crowd
Air Date November 1, 1985
Written by George S. Dinallo
Director Chuck Bail
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Episode 404: Burial Ground
Episode 406: Knight Sting

Guest Cast

Mark Schneider as Scott Holliman

Gary Hershberger as Nicholas Arkett

Scott Valentine as Colton

Charles Fleischer as Hitchhiker

Julie Ronnie as Erika

William Joyce as Glen Arkett

Suzanne Rogers as Lydia Arkett

Kandace Kuehl as Ann Galloway

Ted Petersen as Pop Galloway


Michael must stop a gang of thieves who've hijacked the Knight Industries mobile base truck thinking it to be hauling liquor.

When the criminals discover all the high-tech computer gear inside, they decide to use the equipment to commit a crime spree. Including hacking of a robotic military vehicle armed with a missile.