Knight Rider
Episode 403: Sky Knight
Air Date October 18, 1985
Written by Carlton Hollander
Dennis Rodriguez
Director Jeffrey Hayden
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Guest Cast

Ron O'Neal as Charles Zurich

Macon McCalman as Calvin Holmes

Dennis A. Pratt as Steven (as Dennis Pratt)

Robbie Rist as Nick

Jack Starrett as Sheriff

Barbara Townsend as Mrs. Swanson

Jeffrey Alan Chandler as Lloyd

Susan Blu as Stewardess Mary

Will Gill Jr. as Security Officer

Brian Thompson as Kurt


A plane Bonnie Barstow is traveling on becomes hijacked by an ex-intelligence agent who demands money and the release of political prisoners.


  • On a few occasions throughout the series, KITT has made it known that he's afraid of flying. In this episode, we find out it's because Bonnie, who's also afraid of flying, programmed KITT with the same fear.
  • This is the only episode when the villain escapes.