Knight Rider
Knight Rider
Episode 306: The Rotten Apples
Air Date November 11, 1984
Written by Gerald Sanford
Peter L. Dixon (story)
Director Bob Bralver
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Episode 305: K.I.T.T. vs K.A.R.R.
Episode 307: Knight in Disgrace

Guest Cast

Terri Treas as Dr. Rebecca Hammond

Denny Miller as Big Ed Barton

Robert Symonds as Cat Holliday

Richard Lineback as Sheriff Lance Barton

Russ McCubbin as Alfred Barton

Lana Clarkson as Marilyn

Toby Norton as Blue (as Tobie Norton)

Reginald T. Dorsey as Magic Fingers

Amelia Kinkade as Star (as Mimi Kinkade)

James Le Gros as Trasher (as James LeGros)


Michael helps a psychologist who has a ranch for troubled kids, and is being run out by angry townsfolk and corrupt sheriffs. As Michael investigates further, he learns that the ranch sits above a deposit of minerals worth millions.


  • In the scene were Michael jumps into KITT and hollers "Hi-ho, KITT, away!" is an homage to The Lone Ranger, whose trademark saying was "Hi-ho, Silver, away!"