Knight Rider
Knight Rider
Episode 214: White Line Warriors
Air Date January 29, 1984
Written by Richard C. Okie
Director Bob Bralver
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Guest Cast

Mary Beth Evans........Cindy Mattheson

Woody Brown.......Ron Prescott

Hugh Gillin........Police Chief Rupert Craig

Allyn Ann McLerie.........Marietta Mattheson

Sammy Jackson........Handsome Anson James

Sal Landi........Ty

Tim Gallin........Officer Apted (as Tim Gillin)

Milt Oberman.........Manny Carmichael

Frank Garret.........Mace Beaudry


Michael goes to Vista Beach to investigate a string of robberies; the most recent hit is an art gallery owned by Marietta Mattheson and her niece Cindy. He learns the crimes occur when a local car club meets for street racing. Michael later runs into a gruff police detective, Chief Rupert Craig, who dislikes outsiders, especially ones who drive "suped-up" cars. Michael's prime suspect is Ron Prescott, Cindy's boyfriend, who has a police record and mysteriously skips town after a jewelry store is hit. Craig has another confrontation with Michael when he shows up at the gallery looking for Ron and harasses Cindy for his whereabouts.

Craig indicates Ron's car was spotted leaving the crime scene, but Cindy refuses to believe Ron had anything to do it. Michael eventually finds Ron who swears he's not the thief and fears he's being set up. He has Ron hideout aboard the F.L.A.G. Mobile Unit and investigates further.

He soon becomes suspicious of a song "Crumblin' Down" played by a local radio deejay, "Handsome" Anson, and realizes the song is broadcast just before each robbery while the cops are busy chasing after the racers. Believing the song is a signal for the real thief, he heads to the station to confront the deejay, but Chief Craig arrives, and Michael soon discovers the detective is planning a "wealthy" retirement with Ron as his scapegoat.