Knight Rider
Knight Rider
Episode 213: Diamonds Aren't a Girl's Best Friend
Air Date January 15, 1984
Written by Robert Foster
Robert Gilmer
Director Jeffrey Hayden
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Guest Cast

Wendy Kilbourne........Lauren Janes

Jo Ann Pflug.......Nina Jurgenson

Lu Leonard........Mable

Cameron Mitchell.........Bernie Mitchell

Elizabeth Lindsey........Rachel Robinson

René Assa.........Miller

Nicholas Guest........Chris Carlson


A fashion model named Rachel is found dead; an apparent suicide, or so the police believe, however her friend Lauren Janes believes she was murdered and contacts the Foundation for help. Michael meets Lauren at a photo shoot and poses as her old boyfriend to avoid suspicion while he investigates. He starts by checking out Chris Carlson, Rachel's boyfriend, but finds him murdered in his apartment. After chasing and losing a suspect who fled the scene, Michael decides to snoop around during a lavish party hosted by Lauren's boss, Bernie Mitchell, who gives expensive-looking, but fake, diamond jewelry to his models. He discovers Mitchell is switching the real diamonds with the fakes after his models return from shoots in Europe and South America. His girls wear them to sneak them past U.S. Customs and Mitchell then sells them illegally to foreign VIPs. Michael guesses Rachel and Chris knew about it and planned a little heist of their own, but Mitchell caught on to their scheme. Michael still needs proof, and after Lauren is dragged down to Mexico City for Mitchell's next sale, Michael heads there and devises a sting operation involving Devon as a buyer for the diamonds to catch Mitchell with enough evidence to bring him down.