Knight Rider
Knight Rider
Episode 212: A Knight in Shining Armor
A Knight In Shining Armor - Carry.jpg
Air Date January 8, 1984
Written by Janis Hendler
Tom Greene
Director Bernard McEveety
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Guest Cast


A burglar breaks into the Foundation's guest house and murders Charlie Granger who is an adventure writer, treasure hunter, and close friend of Devon's. The killer also steals a treasure map and disappears. Devon fears Granger's daughter, Catherine, may be next since she carries the "key" to the treasure in a locket. Michael goes to the private Woodgrove School to fetch her, but the pompus and arrogant girl refuses to go with him and hardly shows remorse for her father who she doesn't consider a part of her life. Michael resorts to kidnapping and forces her back to the Foundation where he tries to prove she meant everything to her father. Meanwhile, Catherine's guardian, Christopher Stone, demands Devon hand her over but he refuses until the murderer is caught. Stone's threats lead Devon to believe he is the one behind the killing and may want the treasure for himself. Catherine has made contact with Stone, the only person she trusts, but she quickly finds out Stone indeed wants the treasure and will kill her to get it.


  • Thomas F. Wilson (who would later play Biff Tannen on the Back to the Future trilogy) has a small role as one of the valet attendants who pursue Michael.
  • This 1984 episode of Knight Rider is listed as Tom Wilson's first IMDb credit and it comes a year before he played Biff in the first Back To The Future.