Knight Rider
Knight Rider
Episode 208: Soul Survivor
Air Date November 27, 1983
Written by Robert Foster
Robert Gilmer
Director Harvey Laidman
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Episode 207: Custom K.I.T.T.
Episode 209: Ring of Fire

Guest Cast

Adrianne Margeaux........Ann Turkel

Randy Merritt........Brian Robbins

Denise Merritt........Janet Carroll

George Atherton........Jon Cypher


Michael stops to help a woman whose car has broken down, and after rendering aid, the woman insists he join her for a drink at her home. There, she mesmerises him with strange music while outside, a kid in a pest control van full of computer equipment hacks into KITT's systems.

Michael later awakens at the side of the road. He and Devon return to the woman's house and find it completely empty, however, KITT's AI module is found in the garbage. April restores what is left of KITT and temporarily installs him in a portable television set.

While KITT undergoes a personality complex, Michael borrows Devon's Mercedes to look for Randy Merritt, a young whiz kid who Michael suspects to be the hacker. His only lead is Randy's worried mother who explains the boy has had relations with a strange woman named Adrianne Margeaux. Later, he learns Adrianne had dealings with George Atherton, a man who was once on the Foundation's board of directors. He learns Adrianne may be using Randy to operate KITT's body and steal Atherton's priceless art collection which is being transported in an armored van.


  • Twice a computer override is used, once to steal KITT and once to disable the armored bus.
  • The version of "Pac-Man" shown is for the Atari 5200. While KITT may have been able to handle it, Randy's computer would not have been able to display that game, and there was not a comparable quality home computer version in 1983.
  • Adrianne would return in the episode, Episode 217: Goliath Returns.