Knight Rider
Knight Rider
Episode 206: K.I.T.T. the Cat
Air Date November 6, 1983
Written by Janis Hendler
Director Jeffrey Hayden
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Guest Cast

Geena Davis.......Grace Fallon

Keene Curtis........Griffin

Jack Starrett.........Lt. George Barth

Bill Wiley........Maxwell Elliott

Terry Moore...........Molly Friedrich


Michael investigates a series of cat burglaries; the most recent is the theft of a priceless ruby necklace. The burglar leaves a calling card behind and Devon indicates he was once robbed by a thief with a similar modus operandi named Raymond Fallon; although he was never caught. Devon also mentions Fallon was killed in a plane crash a month earlier so it couldn't possibly be the same thief. This burglar happens to only be stealing from other criminals and they don't report the thefts to authorities. Michael wonders if Fallon taught his criminal trade to someone else and suspects Fallon's daughter, Grace. Grace admits she in fact trained with her father, but she is not responsible for the recent thefts. Michael soon crosses paths with a trigger-happy police detective, George Barth, who suspects Grace and has a personal vendetta against her. He failed at catching her father and now that the master thief is dead, he is determined to nail his daughter in the act. Michael and Grace must now dodge Barth and plan a trap to catch the real thief.


  • K.I.T.T. goofs in this episode when he claims that a ruby is a form of carbon. Ruby is a form of corundum.