Knight Rider
Knight Rider
Episode 203: Merchants of Death
Air Date October 16, 1983
Written by William Schmidt
Director Alan Myerson
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Guest Cast

Dana Elcar........Strock

Joe La Due...........Jack Kragen (as Joe LaDue)

Deborah Allison..........Camela / Amelia Clermont

Linden Chiles........Congressman Ebersol

Kurt Smildsin.........Sam Richards


Michael goes to Phoenix to investigate the disappearance of Amelia Clermont, a private investigator and a former love interest of Devon. Michael and Camela Clermont, Amelia's daughter, search for clues in her mother's personal files and discover a diagram of a weapon guidance computer and photos of an army surplus yard owned by a man called Strock. Strock is also involved in funding a re-election campaign for Congressman Albert Ebersol. In a ravine near the facility, Michael finds the gruesome remains of Amelia's burned out car. K.I.T.T. determines the car was destroyed by a rocket fired from the air.

Devon informs Michael that the schematics are for a rocket called the "Sledgehammer", which is the main armament for an experimental helicopter known as the "SX411". Michael sneaks into the surplus yard and finds the helicopter. He believes the facility is a front for the sale of illegal weapons, and the money is being funneled to Ebersol. The next morning, Devon and the police, raid the facility but find it empty. Strock of course feigns ignorance and there is no evidence to bring him in. Michael's next plan is to pose as an arms dealer to draw out a gunrunner, Kragen who can be linked to Strock. Strock's next move however, is to eliminate Michael and Camela and he orders Kragen to use the SX411 to get rid of them.