Knight Rider
Episode 121: Short Notice
Air Date May 6, 1983
Written by Robert Foster
Director Robert Foster
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Guest Cast

Robin Curtis as Nicole Turner

William Smith as Harold T. Turner

Brittany Wilson as Natalie Turner

Sandy McPeak as Arthur Wexley

Dennis Burkley as Tiny

Jordan Clarke as Ferris


On his way home from a fishing trip, Michael picks up a wandering hitch hiker, Nicole Turner. He and Nicole share a room at a motel in the town of Long Pine, but the next morning two bikers arrive. One busts into the room brandishing a gun. During the struggle, Michael accidentally shoots the gunman while the other flees. To Michael's bewilderment, Nicole flees the scene as well. Soon, the police arrive and arrest Michael for murder. He claims self-defense but without a witness it's hard to prove. Devon bails him out but fears the DA's investigation may dig into his past and jeopardize his career with the Foundation. Michael has no other choice but to find Nicole.

He gets a lead when he learns the gunman was a member of the felonious biker gang "Satan's Stompers". He tracks her down learning that she is fighting to get her young daughter Natalie back from her psychotic ex-husband and leader of the biker gang, Harold Turner. Harold just wants Nicole to turn over a microfilm containing some criminal evidence as trade for little Natalie. Michael agrees to be the bagman for Nicole's testimony, but Harold has no intention of handing over the child over. Instead, he and his thugs plan an ambush to kill his ex-wife that leads Michael and K.I.T.T. to an abandoned movie set for a wild west-style shoot out.


  • The title of the episode comes from a scene that was cut; after checking into the motel for the night, Nicole goes to get some food but returns with a six-pack of beer, the best she could do on short notice. Michael replies, "Short notice is good with me."