Knight Rider
Knight Rider
Episode 120: Nobody Does it Better
Air Date April 29, 1983
Written by David Braff
Director Harvey Laidman
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Guest Cast

Gail Edwards as Flannery Roe

Tony Dow as Julian Groves

Robert Ginty as Elliott Stevens

Angel Tompkins as Connie Chasen

Marshall R. Teague as Armand

Laurie O'Brien as Linda Groves


The C.E.O. of Dalton Microelectronics, Elliot Stevens, hires the Foundation to help him catch whoever is stealing software codes for his company's latest video games. Michael suspects someone on the inside; a programmer named Julian Groves. Michael follows Groves to a tennis club where he trains with an instructor named Connie Chasen. However, Connie is more than just a trainer; she has a criminal history as well as being a failed model and actress. Soon Michael is tailed by an overzealous private investigator named Flannery Roe who has been hired by Linda Groves, Julian's wife.

She believes Julian is having an affair with Connie, but Michael is convinced that Connie is just a middleman for whoever Julian is selling corporate secrets too. The plot thickens when Connie is suddenly found murdered in Julian's bungalow and the software engineer is now on the run. Michael doesn't believe Julian is capable of murder and he and Flannery are forced to tolerate each other and work together to find the real killer.