Knight Rider
Episode 119: Knight Moves
Air Date March 11, 1983
Written by William Schmidt
Director Christian I. Nyby II
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Episode 118: White Bird
Episode 120: Nobody Does it Better

Guest Cast

Morgan Woodward as Sheriff Winston

James Whitmore Jr. as Rick Calley

Guy Stockwell as Riggins

Lonny Chapman as Falker

Taylor Lacher as Trucker Kurt

Burton Gilliam as Trucker Gene

Yvonne McCord as Terri Calley

Kathryn Butterfield as Norma

Michael Potter as Ozzie


Michael goes to New Mexico to do some investigating for the Alliance of Independent Truckers (AIT) whose rigs have been getting hijacked on isolated stretches of highway. The union, led by Rick Calley and his sister Terry, was formed so private truckers could stay competitive with larger commercial trucking companies. Rick is the latest victim of the attacks and was shot by gunmen who stole his trailer filled with valuable electronic equipment.

More problems arise when Riggins Distribution, AIT's main client, threatens to do business with AIT's biggest rival, Prairie Trucking, whose trucks - suspiciously enough - haven't been hit by thieves. Things get more serious when a man named Falker arrives to urge the AIT drivers to work for him. When Michael discovers Falker is secretly involved with Prairie Trucking, he decides to pay them a visit, but Falker knows Michael is trouble and sends his thugs to eliminate him.