Knight Rider
Knight Rider
Episode 118: White Bird
Air Date March 4, 1983
Written by Virginia Aldridge
Director Winrich Kolbe
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Episode 117: Chariot of Gold
Episode 119: Knight Moves

Guest Cast

Catherine Hickland as Stephanie Mason

Bert Freed as Anthony Solan

Don Galloway as Gilbert Cole

Richard Caine as Carson James

Charlie Picerni as Donner


Michael learns that the woman he was once engaged to, Stephanie Mason, has been arrested for her involvement in a money laundering scheme. Unfortunately, he was engaged to her when he was Michael Long and Stephanie thinks he is dead. The Justice Department has given Stephanie the option of turning in her boss Gilbert Cole, or face conspiracy charges if she refuses. The situation intensifies when Cole sends thugs to eliminate her before she can testify before a grand jury. Now Michael must protect the woman he once loved and capture the people who are setting her up, all the while avoiding slip ups that may give away his secret identity.


  • K.I.T.T., still not completely understanding emotions, wonders about love and why the emotion that is normally associated with happiness is making Michael so sad.
  • "White Bird" marks the first episode that does not end with Michael driving through the desert with the voice over provided by Wilton Knight.
  • David Hasselhoff and Catherine Hickland got engaged after the filming of this episode.