Knight Rider
Knight Rider
Episode 115: The Topaz Connection
Air Date January 29, 1983
Written by Stephen Katz
Director Alan Myerson
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Guest Cast

Michael Durrell as Paul DeBrett

Jeanna Michaels as Lauren Royce

Jack Starrett as Hagen

Michael Alldredge as Bob Kroiger

John Ericson as Phillip Royce

Tina Louise as Anne Tyler

George Caldwell as George Olin


A high-profile "skin magazine" editor named Philip Royce is murdered and Michael helps his daughter Lauren investigate who killed him and why. The clues may be found in Royce's computer, but the file he was working on is password protected under the code name "Topaz".

The plot thickens when a private investigator Royce hired calls Lauren to reveal the story, but the man is killed by a sniper. Lauren and Michael then follow the P.I.'s leads to Las Vegas in hopes of uncovering the meaning behind Topaz, but quickly come across more thugs who want them eliminated.