Knight Rider
Episode 114: Give Me Liberty... or Give Me Death
Air Date January 21, 1983
Written by David Braff
Director Bernard L. Kowalski
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Episode 113: Hearts of Stone
Episode 115: The Topaz Connection

Guest Cast

Robin Dearden as Liberty Cox

Brett Halsey as Clark Sellers

Alan Fudge as Ed Shaw

Francine Lembi as Dorothy Ackridge

Kai Wulff as Helmut Gras

Kenneth Tigar as Dr. Kempler

Sab Shimono as Hito Osaka

Richard Young as Sonny Prince

Adam Ageli as Hashi Al Qatar

G. Rockett Phillips as Lester Prince


Michael enters K.I.T.T. in an alternative fuel race where the coordinator, Dr. Kempler, believes someone is conducting sabotage. Kempler and Devon feel an oil-producing nation would like to see the advanced fuel technologies fail. Michael investigates every driver's background, but a nosey magazine reporter, Liberty Cox becomes his prime suspect, especially after he uncovers her long criminal record and a radio detonator device in her luggage.

Little does Michael know, Liberty is being set up by the real saboteur; a ruthless cable television sponsor Clark Sellers, who stands to make a killing off of the filming rights of the race if every car makes a "spectacular crash".