Knight Rider
Knight Rider
Episode 113: Hearts of Stone
Air Date January 14, 1983
Written by Robert Foster
Director Jeffrey Hayden
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Guest Cast

  • Mary McCusker as Angie Martin
  • Rudy Ramos as Roberto Laguna
  • Jeff Cooper as Ricky
  • Sam Vlahos as Father Carlos Laguna
  • Zitto Kazann as Emile Pavlon
  • Arell Blanton as D.D.


Michael goes to Texas to meet Father Carlos Laguna, whose family is feuding with a group of gunrunners in possession of an advanced assault rifle called the X-19. The weapon fires 800 rounds per minute and has a laser-guided grenade launcher making it one of the most deadly weapons on the black market. The Lagunas know the gunrunners plan to sell the X-19 to Nicaraguan guerilla fighters and do not want to see the weapons in the hands of rebels in their homeland.

The situation worsens when Carlos' brother Roberto is shot with an X-19 during a drive-by. Michael infiltrates the gunrunner's compound with the help of a bar waitress, Angie. He poses as a gun collector and offers to buy the whole shipment of X-19s. A deal is struck and they make plans to meet Michael for the sale the next morning. Angie tricks Michael however, and leads him to an empty warehouse where she steals his suitcase of money. Michael must get it back since it was Foundation charity money provided by Devon.


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