Knight Rider
Knight Rider
Episode 111: Day Turns Into Knight
Air Date January 14, 2009
Written by David Andron
Director Allan Kroeker
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Episode 110: Don't Stop The Knight
Episode 112: Knight to King's Pawn


Mike and K.I.T.T. are transporting a bomb in the trunk of the car, but in order for it not to explode they must stay above 100 miles-per-hour. Trying to come up with a plan to disable the bomb, they load K.I.T.T. onto the plane to buy some time and keep up their speed. Clinging to life, Carrie manages to give a clue to find where the terrorist is hiding. Meanwhile, Sarah receives some upsetting news about her dad (who died when the Knight Industries Cargo Plane exploded due to its damaged state).

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  • This episode is part two of a two part story. Part one is the episode Don't Stop The Knight.
  • Sydney Tamiia Poitier (Carrie Rivai) leaves the cast of Knight Rider with this episode.
  • Despite the fact the Dr. Graiman dies at the end of this episode, Davison will appear as him one last time in the next episode, Knight to King's Pawn, as a hologram recording.

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