Knight Rider
Episode 106: Not a Drop to Drink
Air Date November 5, 1982
Written by Hannah Louise Shearer
Director Virgil Vogel
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Episode 105: Just My Bill
Episode 107: No Big Thing

Guest Cast

Sondra Currie as Francesca Morgan

Harry Carey Jr. as Josh Morgan

Jason Evers as Herb Bremen

Lynn Hamilton as Susan Wade

Cory 'Bumper' Yothers as Kevin

David S. Cass Sr. as Alex Webster

Joe Burnett as Kirk Webster

Tom Lester as Ted Moore

Linda Stuart as Myra Moore


Michael is sent to help a group of cattle ranchers who are battling an acquisitive landowner. Herb Bremen, who resorts to sabotaging the water supply in hopes the ranchers will leave so he can gain control of the whole valley. Getting in Michael's way is a troubled rancher's hot-headed daughter-in-law Francesca, who believes they don't need an outsider's help. Michael proves his worth when he stops a gang of thugs from destroying a pipeline and takes his grievance directly to Bremen himself. Bremen doesn't back down and has his goons dynamite a nearby dam to flood the valley instead. The bombs go off and now Michael and K.I.T.T. must stop the rushing wall of water before it kills hundreds of innocent people.


  • The footage of the damn bursting at the climax is recycled from the movie, Superman. If you look carefully you can see where the picture looks rather squeezed, due to the original wide-screen shots being crammed down.