Knight Rider
Episode 103: Good Day at White Rock
Air Date October 8, 1982
Written by Deborah Davis
Director Daniel Haller
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Episode 102: Deadly Maneuvers
Episode 104: Slammin' Sammy's Stunt Show Spectacular

This is the third episode of Knight Rider.

Guest Cast

Keith Coogan as Davey Benson

Anne Lockhart as Sherry Benson

James T. Callahan as Sheriff Bruckner

Michael Champion as Monk

Don Stroud as Hilly


Michael and KITT head to the little town of "White Rock" where Michael plans to do some rock climbing. While in town, he meets a young store clerk named Sherry Benson and her little brother Davey. Soon White Rock is overrun by a biker gang called "The Scorpions" who harass Sherry and other townsfolk, all the while the cowardly Sheriff stands by and does nothing. Davey finds Michael and asks for help. Michael runs back to town to make sure Sherry is safe, but the Scorpions return and harass them. After a brawl in the street, the Sheriff arrives, but Michael is the one who gets arrested.

Michael eventually breaks out and tracks the bikers to their camp. He overhears their preparations for a war with another gang called the "Road Dogs" and White Rock will be their battleground. Michael fetches Sherry and the two try to warn the Sheriff who'd rather lock them up than listen to them. They finally convince him the town is in danger, but Michael has a plan. He and Sherry go out and stir up the Scorpions who chase them back to town where the Sheriff and the angry townsfolk have a trap waiting.


  • The episode gets its title from the name of the 1955 Spencer Tracy film, Bad Day at Black Rock.
  • This episode is the first of two appearances by Anne Lockhart on the show. She appears again, in a different role, in Episode 205: Return to Cadiz.