Knight Rider
Team Knight Rider
Episode 101: Fallen Nation
Air Date 6 October, 1997
Written by Rick Copp
David Goodman
Director Spiro Razatos
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Episode 102: The Magnificent T.K.R.

Jenny tests her loyalty to a former Marine commander embroiled in an anti-Government plot.

Guest Cast


A terrorist group called "Fallen Nation" kidnaps General Stephen Butler, a famous war hero and former senior officer of Jenny. The General mysteriously escapes, and asks Jenny to rejoin his team as he tries to find out more about Fallen Nation. He questions the leadership of Kyle Stewart, saying he heard that Kyle hasn't been the same since his "accident". Jenny assures the general that Kyle is just as capable as he was during his days with the C.I.A.

The terrorists cause a state-wide black-out throughout Virginia, and the General's popularity rises as the president is helpless to stop Fallen Nation. Trek and Erica kidnap the General's right-hand man, Lieutenant Davis, whom they suspect is involved with Fallen Nation. He confesses that General Butler himself is behind the blackout, in an attempt to keep the armed foces occupied. The general plans to launch a nuclear missile to destroy Washington D.C., and then use his popularity to become the new leader of the country.

Trek and Danté break into the missile launch site, but are unable to stop the launch. Trek manages to have the missile self-destruct by, as he later explains, typing in his mother's birthday and hoping for the best.

Kyle asks Jenny why she left the general to join Team Knight Rider. She only says "I have my reasons". She discreetly tries to use the computer to find information on Michael Knight, but is told she needs higher clearance to access that information. She thought her level-5 clearance was the highest clearance available.