Knight Rider
Knight Rider Character
Elizabeth Knight
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Actor Barbara Rush
Character Elizabeth Knight
Related Characters Wilton Knight (husband), Garthe Knight (son) Jennifer Knight (daughter)
Partners Garthe Knight

Elizabeth Knight is a character in Knight Rider. She was the wife of the wealthy industrialist Wilton Knight.


After Wilton Knight's passing, Elizabeth remained involved with funding FLAG. A year and a half after Wilton's death, she invited Devon Miles to a friendly dinner date. Although Devon distrusted her motives, he still attended. Elizabeth then poisoned Devon during their meal in an attempt to obtain the formula to K.I.T.T.'s Molecular Bonded Shell.

Thankfully Elizabeth decided not to harm Devon, and letting him go. Soon, Wilton and Elizabeth's criminal son, Garthe Knight, who had been in an African prison for only four years - turned up in the United States. As it turned out, Elizabeth had helped Garthe to avoid his multiple life sentences by bribing a top official with leases on diamond mines. The official died not too long afterwards, no doubt thanks to Elizabeth.

Things got complicated when Michael Knight was involved. Elizabeth also plans to wreak her own revenge on Michael, believing he was trying to take her son's place. Elizabeth and Garthe intended on getting some missiles out of a highly guarded facility called Red Bluff using a massive semi truck known as Goliath, which was now protected with the same indestructible molecular bonded shell technology as K.I.T.T.. Garthe uses Goliath to attack Michael and K.I.T.T., seemingly taking them out of the picture. Michael surprises Elizabeth and Garthe when he shows up alive and intercepts Goliath before General Kuna uses it to break into Red Bluff. Both Elizabeth and her son are arrested soon after.

Sometime later, Garthe is freed from prison. When speaking with his new partner Adrianne Margeaux, Garthe indicates that Elizabeth passed away while she was still incarcerated.




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