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Blue Thunder is an American action drama television series based on the movie of the same title that aired on ABC from January 6 until April 16, 1984 featuring the Blue Thunder helicopter.

The series uses the converted Aérospatiale Gazelle helicopter and large portions of stock footage from the 1983 film. A ground unit named "Rolling Thunder" backed up the helicopter in the television series. This was a large support van with a desert camouflage off-road vehicle stored inside.

The television series cast includes James Farentino, Dana Carvey, and former professional American football players Bubba Smith and Dick Butkus. The series was canceled by ABC after getting low ratings.

Eleven episodes were made before the series was canceled.


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  • James Farentino as Frank Chaney, protagonist, policeman and pilot of the "Blue Thunder".
  • Dana Carvey as Clinton Wonderlove, aka "JAFO", Frank's flight engineer on "Blue Thunder", as well as his sidekick. Clinton handles technical aspects of the chopper.
  • Sandy McPeak as Captain Braddock, Frank's superior.
  • Bubba Smith as "Bubba" Kelsey, a cop who is one of the two members of "Rolling Thunder", Frank's ground crew.
  • Dick Butkus as "Ski" Butowski, another cop who is the other member of "Rolling Thunder".
  • Ann Cooper as J.J. Douglas, radio operator who is Frank's contact at headquarters, and the only female regular in the series.


  1. Second Thunder - January 6, 1984
  2. A Clear and Present Danger - January 13, 1984
  3. Arms Race - January 20, 1984
  4. Revenge in the Sky - January 27, 1984
  5. Trojan Horse - February 3, 1984
  6. Skydiver - February 24, 1984
  7. Clipped Wings - March 2, 1984
  8. Payload - March 9, 1984
  9. The Long Flight - March 16, 1984
  10. The Godchild - March 23, 1984
  11. The Island - April 16, 1984

Home Media


  • Sony Pictures Home Entertainment released the complete series on DVD in Region 1 on August 22, 2006.
  • A Region 2 release followed on September 27, 2010.


  • Blue Thunder is available on the Crackle streaming service, free w/ ads.