April Curtis

Knight Rider Character
April Curtis
Actor Rebecca Holden
Character April Curtis
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April Curtis was the chief mechanic for KITT in season 2 of Knight Rider.


After Bonnie Barstow left The Foundation in 1983 to pursue graduate studies. April replaced her during that time.

She was the head of the Design Team and preformed all of KITT's needs and technological duties and became a personal assistant to Devon. April was an excellent Knight Industries System Engineer in her own right.


April was a sweet woman, who empathised greatly with Michael and KITT. She got on well with Devon, too.


April was a skilled Mechanic and gave KITT a lot of skills which were used until the end of the series.


  • Garthe Knight: Garthe showed a great deal of attraction toward April, feelings which April did not reciprocate in the least.
  • KITT noted he thought of April as a mother figure, for telling him off when he is doesn't to well and praised him when he did.


April has appeared in only one season, Season 2.


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